League Rules

Complete competition rules for Liga Suparimau presented by Boost Juice

Please find below the rules and regulations for matches played under Liga Suparimau presented by Boost Juice. For information on competition and match formats, please click here.

Liga Suparimau Rules

Updated 11/6/2021

1. Player age group cut offs 

All players must abide by the age group cut offs set in the table below:

Age Group Cut-off Date
Under 6 Born 1st January 2015 and later
Under 8 Born 1st January 2013 and later
Under 10 (boys/girls) Born 1st January 2011 and later
Under 12 (boys/girls) Born 1st January 2009 and later
Under 14 (boys/girls) Born 1st January 2007 and later
Under 16 (boys/girls) Born 1st January 2005 and later

An exemption is made for female players playing in the boys age groups, female players may play 1 age group below in the boys league. For example, a girl born January 1st 2011 and later may play in the Boys Under 8 age group. 

Teams may register a maximum of 3 ‘over-age’ girls in a boys squad.

2. Player registration and eligibility

2.1 Liga Suparimau player registration
Teams will be required to register all their players on the Liga Suparimau Coach Portal to play in Liga Suparimau. 

Teams will need to provide the following information about their players:

  • Full name
  • DOB
  • IC/ Passport number 
  • FAM ID (also known as FAMSRP – more details below)
  • Player photo
  • Player jersey number

Once the players have been registered on the coaches portal they will be able to play in Liga Suparimau. Any players who are not registered on the coaches portal will not be able to play in Liga Suparimau. 

Teams will have to abide by the squad size limitations as set out in the Competition Formats.

2.1.1 Adding new players during the season
If teams want to add more players throughout the season this will be possible.  Teams will be able to add players to their squad until they have reached the maximum number of players for their squad.

New player registration will be open during the week from Monday 9.00am to Thursday 5.00pm. After this point teams will not be able to register any players for the weekends matches.

2.1.2 Removing players from your squad
Teams will not be able to remove or replace players from their squad once the season has started.

2.1.3 Player transfers
No player transfers are allowed during the season.  Once a player has registered and played for one club they are not permitted to play for another club during the season.

2.1.4 Player rules
Male players are not permitted to play for 2 different clubs in the same age group or for 2 different clubs in 2 different age groups.

Female players are not permitted to play for 2 different clubs in the girls age groups. However they may play for a different club in the boys age group.

Players are permitted to play for 2 different age groups within the same club as long as they meet the age group cut off. For example a Liverpool U14 player may play for Liverpool U16.

2.1.5 Player registration on matchdays
Players will be required to show their IC/Passport as proof of age at each matchday.

Player registrations are the responsibility of the coach and team manager, any player who has not been registered prior to the match day will not be permitted to play.

2.2 FAM SRP (Football Association Malaysia Suparimau Player)
All players will need to have an FAM SRP ID number to play in Liga Suparimau. In order for players to get an FAM SRP ID number teams will need to register with the Suparimau Charter (this is different to the Liga Suparimau coaches portal).

For more information on how to register, click here or contact the FAM Grassroots office directly at +60 10-270 0711 / grassroots@fam.org.my

2.3 Player Eligibility
Under 6, Under 8, Under 10, Under 12
All players aged 12 or younger are eligible to be registered for a team and play in Liga Suparimau. This includes players under the AT programmes. 

Under 14 and Under 16
In the Under 14 and Under 16 age groups, teams are not permitted to register any player who is registered and actively playing with SSN, SSM or AMD programmes. Any team found to be fielding an ineligible player will be punished and the players registered will be removed from Liga Suparimau. Players registered in PLD programmes are permitted to play in Liga Suparimau.

Girls Age Groups
All girls are permitted to be registered and join Liga Suparimau’s girls age categories.

3. Competition system

3.1 Fixtures
League fixtures will be posted at the start of the season. Once they are posted, teams will be given a window of time during which they can request for 1 weekend not to have any fixtures. After this window is closed and the fixtures have been set teams will not be able to adjust any fixtures.

Teams will play 1 game per day, however there may be situations where a team is required to play 2 games in a day. 

3.2 Results and Tables
U6–U10 Competitions
No results or league tables will be published. This is following the guidelines set out by the Asian Football Confederation and the Football Association of Malaysia for grassroots football. 

U12–U16 Competition
Results and league tables will be shown on the website and the tournament mobile app. 

Teams will receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss. The league champions will be the team with the most points at the end of the season.

Should there be a tie on points at the end of the league, goal difference shall be used to determine the winner. If the teams are still level, the following will used to determine the league champions, in order:

  • Greatest number of goals scored
  • Least goals conceded
  • Result between the teams when they played each other
  • Failing a distinction, the teams will play a match with golden goal rules. The first team to score will be determined the champions

3.3 Forfeits
If a team fails to provide notice before the start of the season that they are unable to play a game or does not show up for a game the opposing team will be awarded a 3-0 win.  If a team fails to show up for a game or cancels at the last minute more than once they will be removed from Liga Suparimau.

4. Time allowance

Teams must not be more than 10 minutes late to their kick off. If a team is more than 10 minutes late they run the risk of a walkover (3-0) being awarded to their opponent.

5. Unsuitable playing conditions

If the field becomes unsuitable for play due to heavy rain, lightning or for any other reasons, the League Committee reserves the right to decide on the event or change the format of the event.

6. Playing kit and squad numbers

Each team is required to have their own playing kit. All teams kits which clearly display a number for each player. The number on the player jersey must reflect the number registered in the coaches portal for each individual player.

7. Trophies, medals and awards

Under 6–Under 10
All players will receive an e-certificate at the end of the season.

Under 12–Under 16
All players will receive an e-certificate at the end of the season.

Teams finishing in 1st place in each U12, U14 and U16 league will receive a trophy and medals. Teams finishing in 2nd and 3rd place in each U12, U14 and U16 league will receive medals only.

8. Jurisdiction/Protests/Feedback

Any team wishing to dispute a result or make a protest regarding a match will have 2 weeks from the date of the match to raise the issue by email to the organising committee. Any decision made by the organising committee is final.

To share your feedback on any issue, please send an email to the relevant address:

Topic/Subject Email Address
Result, protest or feedback regarding a match matchday@ligasuparimau.my
Referees referees@ligasuparimau.my
General feedback feedback@ligasuparimau.my

9. Insurance

It is highly recommended that teams obtain their own insurance cover before play. Neither Maxim Events Sdn Bhd or the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) are responsible for any accident, injury or death that may occur during this league, and all teams enter at their own risk.

10. Team technical areas

Coaches and team managers  will be assigned half of the pitch side area from which to coach from and they will be required to remain within their half of the pitch at all times.

11. Referees

Referees will be appointed by the Football Association of Malaysia for Liga Suparimau.

Each matchday a referee assessor from the Football Association of Malaysia will be present to monitor the performance of the referees. If teams have any feedback regarding referees at Liga Suparimau matchday they are encouraged to share this feedback to: referees@ligasuparimau.my

12. Pitch and footwear

Playing areas will be natural grass or artificial turf pitches.  Players are not allowed to wear metal studded boots. All players from the U8 age group upwards must wear shin guards when playing.

13. Code of Conduct

All players, parents, guardians, coaches and spectators must abide by the Liga Suparimau Code of Conduct at all times. Failure to comply could lead to an individual and/or team being removed from the league.

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Out-of-Season Transfers

To conduct a player transfer between seasons, teams must use the FAM Charter Portal.

When logged in to the Portal click on the Players tab and select Player Transfers (see screenshot below).

Coaches or team managers will be required to submit the IC number or passport number of the player who they wish to transfer to their club. This must be the same IC or passport number as the player used to register for the FAM Charter. 

Once the player’s existing club has released them, the player will be transferred to your club.

If there are any issues with players not being released by their existing clubs, please contact the FAM Grassroots office directly at +60 10-270 0711 / grassroots@fam.org.my