About Liga Suparimau

presented by Boost Juice

Providing regular, competitive football in a unified, professionally-run format to all children in Malaysia

Providing a structured pathway of development for all children in Malaysia, the Liga Suparimau project is an all-enclusive grassroots football programme for 5 to 17 year olds.

Laying the foundations for children from all backgrounds to grow and develop, the competition aims to encourage widespread involvement in sports while preparing the most talented players for the highest levels of the game.

Through unified league regulations, the highest quality pitches, and district and regional level competitions, Liga Suparimau presented by Boost Juice strives to push Malaysian football forwards.

To establish a pathway for all young footballers in Malaysia to develop to the best of their potential

Nationwide leagues

Launched in the Klang Valley, Penang, Johor and Negeri Sembilan in January 2022, Liga Suparimau has expanded to cover 10 states for 2022 Season B.

Whether you’re growing up in KL or Kedah we believe your opportunities to play competitive youth football should be equal – and with Liga Suparimau they will be.

Leagues across Malaysia

Meet your match

With Liga Suparimau presented by Boost Juice, all players and teams begin their competitive football journeys in their own district but progress through local competitions and you’ll face similarly-matched opponents from your state, then your region, and eventually at a national level.

Boys and girls alike

Liga Suparimau competitions offer matches for both boys and girls teams at age groups from Under 6 to Under 16. The project provides an official grassroots platform for girls football to flourish across the country.

Matches for boys and girls from 7 to 16
Club Suparimau Player IDs

Club Liga Suparimau

Liga Suparimau presented by Boost Juice will introduce a new membership club for grassroots football players in Malaysia.

All members of Club Liga Suparimau will enjoy exclusive offers, deals, discounts, news and content from Liga Suparimau partners and sponsors.

FAM sanctioned

Only Liga Suparimau presented by Boost Juice leagues are fully sanctioned by FAM so you can be sure that the organisation, pitches, formats, referees and results and reporting are consisting from one Suparimau event to the other.

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Out-of-Season Transfers

To conduct a player transfer between seasons, teams must use the FAM Charter Portal.

When logged in to the Portal click on the Players tab and select Player Transfers (see screenshot below).

Coaches or team managers will be required to submit the IC number or passport number of the player who they wish to transfer to their club. This must be the same IC or passport number as the player used to register for the FAM Charter. 

Once the player’s existing club has released them, the player will be transferred to your club.

If there are any issues with players not being released by their existing clubs, please contact the FAM Grassroots office directly at +60 10-270 0711 / [email protected]